Venue Information

Please read carefully.  If it becomes apparent to our staff that you haven’t read our venue’s house rules, we reserve the right to cancel the show at any time.

  1. Our venue is strictly ages 21 and older.  No exceptions.  Performers, promoters, and patrons must all be 21 or older.
  2. The soundsystem is DIY (Do It Yourself); meaning you plug in and play.  We recommend bringing all your own cables, microphones, amps, additional DI boxes, etc.  We have a nice set of Peavey speakers, monitors, two power amps, and a 16-channel mixer for you to plug into via XLR snake installed into the wall by the performance area.  The wall mount includes 6 XLR/mic channels and 2 direct boxes (up to 4 line/guitar cable/quarter-inch inputs) for you to plug into.
  3. Shows run between the hours of 9:00pm and 1:30am (Sunday and Monday shows end at midnight).  You have the freedom to set your own start and end times within that time frame.  This ensures we get all the equipment out, and all the musicians paid before closing time.
  4. We ask that you bring us 3 posters for your show two weeks in advance of your booked date.  This allows us to promote within the bar, and also confirms with us that you are doing your part to promote the event.
  5. Share your events on our Facebook wall.  We will get notification and then re-share it a few times leading up to the event.  We always love to help promote our shows!
  6. Performers get 10% of bar sales as pay, plus drink specials (see bartender on duty).  You can run a cover charge in the side room (instead of a free show) if you think you’ll make more money that way, but you’ll have to supply your own door person and you won’t get a 10% cut of bar sales; cover shows keep our patrons from enjoying the space/entertainment.
  7. NO FOG MACHINES!  We have a zero tolerance policy.
  8. Please make sure everyone involved in your event understands these guidelines.  If performers are under 21, they will be removed from our venue.
  9. So long as you understand these rules, send Nick your event with the date of the event in the “SUBJECT:” line of the email.  Thanks!